Frequently asked questions about our swing trainers:

Why do I need the driver if I already have the 5-iron?

The driver picks up additional flaws that are only associated with driving the ball off the tee. There are 9 breaking points with the driver (as the 5-iron), but you're on a different swing plane and different tempo. You're also going beyond parallel at the top of your back swing with the driver, so it helps to develop your swing specifically for driving the ball. The driver swing trainer not only helps with driving the ball off the tee, but also with your 3, 5 and fairway woods. Plus it builds confidence and consistency with driving the ball off the tee by teaching you how to get more distance and more accuracy. It keeps you in the fairway and out of the rough!

What's the loft of the driver and can I hit balls with it?

The driver is a 10.5 degree loft and it is made specifically for hitting balls! It's recommended to take your Dual-Hinged Driver Swing Trainer to your local driving range and hit balls with it. It's not necessary to hit balls to see results, but it is beneficial to hit balls at the driving range with your driver swing trainer.

Does the driver have a dual-hinge?

Yes, it's a dual-hinged swing trainer and has the same dual-hinge as the dual 2000 5-iron. The difference is that this is an actual driver swing trainer that picks up flaws that are associated with driving the ball. You get the benefits of using the dual-hinge, except you're working with a longer shaft and bigger club head than the 5-iron. You're also positioned differently when lining up on the ball when using your driver. You're on a different swing plane and you're swinging with a different tempo. This is what allows you to get additional benefits from the dual-hinged driver that you don't get from the dual-hinged 5-iron. This also works vice-versa: When you use the dual 2000 5-iron you're lined up differently than with the dual hinged driver.

You're on a different swing plane, different tempo, and have benefits of using the 5-iron swing trainer that you don't have with the driver. You benefit from using the Dual 2000 5-iron, the Dual 2000 Driver, or by using both because it's not the same swing.

What's the weight and length? What size is the club head?

It is 42 inches long and weighs right about 1 lb. (1.1lbs total weight.) It's standard length with an oversized club head.

I'm tall/short, can I adjust the length?

Yes, you can certainly have your local golf shop add a plug to get more length without affecting the performance. If you need to take some length off your club, most golf shops do this as well. Now because it's a training club (for at home or at the range) and not a club that you use on the golf course, most customers use it as is. You get the effect of correcting your swing without adjusting the length, but if you prefer to adjust the length then you can certainly do so.

What can I expect? How will I benefit?

You can expect to hit the ball further and straighter off the tee. This allows you to stay in the fairway and out of the rough. You not only benefit off the tee, but you also benefit with your 3-wood, 5-wood, and fairway woods. You learn how to swing your driver with confidence and consistency. You don't have to buy new clubs, but you instead learn to use the clubs you currently own. You save hundreds of dollars by becoming a better golfer with the equipment that you currently have.

Why the Maximus?

The Maximus weighted clubs use our patented "Soft Weighting System" to keep you on plane and in tempo with every swing. The "Soft Weighting System," along with the "Inertial Weight Shift" technology results in a realistic club feel that always remains on the perfect swing plane!

How Does the Maximus Work?

The Maximus imprints your muscle memory into the "Perfect Swing!" You'll be driving further and straighter; hitting fairways; and perfecting your iron play with the muscle memory learned when swinging your Maximus Swing Trainer!

What is a Maximus Swing Trainer?

The Maximus Swing Trainer is a weighted swing trainer the best hittable swing trainer to cure a hook or a slice, so that you're able to achieve distance on par with the pros!

The Maximus Swing Trainer is specifically weighted ("Soft Weighting System") and causes the club to drop into the perfect swing plane with every swing! It's hittable on the range for instant feedback and is equally effective at home. The "Soft Weighting System" creates the perfect swing, so that muscle memory takes over when swinging your regular clubs and the result is lower scores!

Why is the Maximus So Revolutionary?

The Maximus creates the "perfect swing" every time! Our proprietary Soft Weighting System makes it impossible to hit a slice or hook, and our Inertial Weight Shift teaches the perfect wrist cock release. A proper wrist release is the pro's secret for distance and no other swing trainer does this! Your Maximus lets you say "good-bye" to slices and hooks. while you're grooving the "Perfect Swing!"

What can the Maximus do for me?

The Maximus Swing Trainer teaches you the "Perfect Swing!" The Maximus swings perfectly on plane, every time, and imprints your muscle memory into the "Perfect Swing!" Your hooks and slices disappear, while you learn correct wrist release for maximum distance! The Maximus looks, feels, and responds just like your own clubs, while keeping you on plane every time! The result is a "Perfect Swing" with your regular clubs that you'll be showcasing almost immediately!