We've all heard claims such as, "the greatest, guaranteed to lower your scores, etc. etc. etc..." Medicus knew that their products worked but wanted to demonstrate scientifically that their claims were accurate. The company went to TaylorMade Golf and their TaylorMade Performance Lab (located at Kip Puterbaugh's Aviara Golf Academy ), the world's most sophisticated, accurate and objective measuring and fitting system available today. While in no way agreeing to endorse Medicus swing trainers, TaylorMade agreed to perform testing on the Medicus Dual-Hinge Driver.

A random sampling of 20 golfers was chosen as a test group. Golfer's baseline swings were measured in the Performance Lab and then measured again after practicing 15 to 20 minutes with the Medicus driver. Several positive trends emerged. Three quarters of the test group gained additional swing speed, with a full third of the overall group realizing a dramatic increase. Joanne Gruskin increased her average swing speed from 53.4 to 63 mph.

Adam Suggs showed the most dramatic improvement with his swing plane. Adam's average swing went from a weak outside to in and over-the-top -4.2° to an inside approach at the ball of 1.5°. Those numbers more resemble a Tour swing and deliver greater consistency and accuracy. Adam said, "I think that's the most productive 15 minutes I've ever practiced; I changed my whole swing plane."

It appears that practicing with Medicus will all but guarantee a smoother, more consistent swing while adding distance and achieving greater accuracy. Reflecting on the events of the weekend, Darren Huff basically summed up the feeling of all the test participants when he said, "Learning how your swing was before and then after swinging the Medicus made a world of difference with my swing. You just couldn't ask for anything better than what was accomplished today."