"I think that's the most productive 15
minutes I've ever practiced..."

Adam Suggs
Location: Bakersfield, CA
Handicap: 20
Years Playing: 20

TaylorMade Performance Lab Assessment: Adam was the poster boy for improvement. He improved his swing in all categories. He picked up 3 mph of club head speed. His swing plane changed dramatically from -4.2°, meaning he came from outside to in and over the top, to a remarkably different 1.5° inside to out, a much preferred swing path. Because he was coming more from the inside he was able to attack the ball on the more upward path of 3.5°, which is a dramatic improvement over his previous -0.7° which is an ideal position coming into the ball. His club face became less open at impact, reducing his fade. All these factors led him to hit the ball more in the center of the clubface as opposed to his previous strike pattern, which was all over the club face.

Swing Speed
Face Angle
Center Strike
78.5 mph
81.5 mph

"I think that's the most productive 15 minutes I've ever practiced; I changed my whole swing plane. That's hard to do without something telling you what you're doing wrong. In fact, I didn't know that I had improved so much until I went back in and saw it on the machines, because I saw what I was doing when I first went in there and then after I learned how to maintain the club face with the Medicus, it allowed me to hit the ball a lot more solid the second time I went in. I was amazed at the speed change. I think I increased my swing speed 10%. The more I practice with the Medicus, the more I'm going to increase that head speed." - Adam Suggs