"Fifteen minutes made a big, big difference in my golf swing!"

Patrick Gay
Location: Spring Valley, CA
Handicap: 15
Years Playing: 8

TaylorMade Performance Lab Assessment: Mr. Gay increased his club head speed slightly. The significant change for Patrick occurred with his swing path. He originally came across the golf ball by -10.5° and later came from only -6°, about a 50% improvement. Because he wasn't coming from outside the ball as much, he didn't come into the ball as steeply and was hitting it more towards an upward path. He was also able to release the golf club through the impact better, by 2.8°, so his ball was not fading to the right as much. With additional ball speed, club head speed, improved swing path and a center strike, Patrick was able average more than 20 additional yards off the tee.

Face Angle
Ball Speed
176.4 yrds
112.3 mph
197.1 yrds
121.5 mph

"A lot happened! Apparently I was opening the club face all the way back through my swing and coming through I was giving a glancing blow to the ball which was causing my fade. In less than five minutes with the Medicus I was able to close the club face coming through and consequently I improved a whole lot of things, putting the face on the ball, getting more distance and hitting a lot straighter. I saw the big-time changes in the swing. What I saw after practicing out here on the range was validated on the computer. They actually took my two swings, including the ones from before and overlaid them. There was a 50% difference in where my club is going back and coming through in striking the ball. With the changes I have in my swing, my anticipation is that I'll have a more relaxed and solid swing and hopefully add 20 to 30 yards more distance. Fifteen minutes made a big, big difference in my golf swing. When I first went back in the performance lab after using the Medicus I was a little tight because I was trying too hard to make it work. After I relaxed and just let it go and it made a big, big difference. The misses I was having before putting the Medicus in my hand were always to the right. Once I used the Medicus and got my planes flattened out, my misses, if you want to call them misses, were left and they went straighter. They weren't off target that much to the left. Right now I shoot in the mid-80s to high 80s. I hope to get down into the high 70s. I believe that's very realistic. I hope that in my golf career, this will be a life-changing experience for me."

Pat later wrote to the companies stating, "I normally hit between 4-6 fairways in regulation.  Since I have been using the Medicus Driver, I am hitting 10-14 fairways in regulation.  My average distance before the Medicus Driver was around 220-240 yards.  I haven't hit a drive less than 240 yards and have flirted with 300 yards a few times.  I feel that I can lower my scores to the high 70's/low 80's.  My average score before the Medicus Driver was around 87.  Since using the Medicus Driver my last four scores have been 85-86-83-83.  It is a different game when you can get closer to the greens with long, straight drives.  THANK YOU Medicus for changing my golf game!" - Patrick Gay